Get more rewards from life with mPOINTS

Clucks - iPhone

Let’s play Clucks, the first social video game for mobile! Win Clucks by teaming up with friends to guess words like "chicken" without saying any of the obvious words like "coop," "bird," "feather," "beak," "bokbok," or "soup." Sound fun? You know it!

How do mPOINTS work?

mPOINTS is a loyalty program used by hundreds of leading mobile apps to reward their users as a "thank you" for staying active with their content. Earn mPOINTS just for completing in-app activities like tracking a run or finishing a game level. You can even earn mPOINTS for engaging with in-app advertising. Then redeem all those mPOINTS for awesome rewards!

What kinds of rewards?

Rewards include gift cards to Amazon.com or Starbucks and fun merchandise like a Google Chromecast or a FitBit Activity Tracker. You can even make charitable donations to leading non-profit organizations like St. Jude Children's Hospital or the ASPCA.

100's of Apps ... Here's 4

mPLACES rewards you with sweet store merch, gift cards and entries into great promotions. Rack up your earnings at home AND on the go!

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